Agile Maine: Central Maine Chapter

January 11, 2018 Meet-up 

Agile Maine is committed to spreading Agile Values and Principles across Maine.  In January, we continue our focus on Central Maine by partnering with the Central Maine Tech Night.  Our guest speaker will be Dave Moran, an experienced Agile coach, providing his speech titled:  Information Technology: A Strategic Business Concern.

Please join us for this great education and networking opportunity!  Details of the meeting are below.

Date/Time:  11 Jan 2018; 5-7PM

Location:  Hathaway Center - 10 Water Street (1st Floor), Waterville, Maine


5 – 6PM:  Refreshments and Networking

6 – 7PM:  Agile Maine Overview & Presentation

Speaker:  Dave Moran, Agile Coach

Title: Information Technology: A Strategic Business Concern 

Abstract: Information Technology has become a vital, integral part of business. This raises some important questions: Are you leveraging IT as a strategic business enabler to drive competitive advantage? Is your IT organization responsive to change, and will it be able to continue to do so to meet the needs of your business in the future? What conversations do you need to be having in your organization? This interactive talk will tackle these questions by exploring the Agile Manifesto, demonstrating how it provides a basis for dialog and setting direction in your organization.